Sarah & Christopher

May 3, 2024
Dreams Las Mareas
Costa Rica


May 3, 2024
Dreams Las Mareas
Costa Rica

Our Story

For those who didn't know...
Chris and Sarah met through mutual friends in 2010 while they were both attending Westfield State University. Chris' infectious sense of humor (and striking good looks) quickly roped Sarah in and convinced her they should give dating a try. 
Initially after college, they dated long distance before ultimately deciding to get their first place together outside of Boston. Shortly after, they adopted their incredibly sweet but very vocal cat named Sophie into the family, and the rest is history!
They've already collected over 10 year's worth of fond memories and lots of laughs, bought a dream home together, and now are finally 'making it official' with their marriage.
And they can't wait to see what this new chapter brings next!

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